On 24th October 1925, members of the Gresford community attended a meeting in the Brosie's rooms at East Gresford to develop a society aimed at the agricultural, horticulture and pastoral interest within the area. The association was first know as the "Allyn and Paterson Rivers and District Agricultural Horticultural and Pastoral Association".

On 20th May 1927, the first show commenced at the Showground at East Gresford. The show produced a positive turnout with strong entries across all sections of the show. 

In August 1928, the committee decided be known as the Gresford District Agricultural Horticultural and Pastoral Society, and then in later years it was renamed to the Gresford District Agricultural Society (GDAS) Incorporate as it remains today. 

In March 2021, GDAS will hold their 89th Annual Show at Gresford Showground. Our program now includes over 270 horse show classes, a very competitive camp draft, as well as a variety of stud and commercial cattle classes, and a pavilion hosting a variety of arts, crafts and cooking displays in our pavilion. 

Tim Capp
Graeme Hudson
J P Dooley
Bruce Capp
Bill Leake
Stan Kelehear
Russell Brown
Jack Hopson
Perc Legoe
Jim Jupp
Denny Smith


Mr C Dooley

Mr R Francis

Mr G Hudson

Mr Alwyn Kelehear


Mr Mick Kealy

Vice Presidents:

Mr Josh Evans and Mr Paul Dooley

Honorary Treasurer:

Mr Angus Uren

Assistant Treasurer: 

Mr Rob Ryan

Mrs Leonie Clements 

Honorary Secretary: 

Mrs Rosalie Lawrence

Honorary Solicitor: 

Arnold Lawyers


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